RJZ - Logo schematic layout measured in factors of X and wireframe.

RJZ (Philippines)

RJZ is a small group without vast resources to produce branding and printed and digital assets. After many iterations with designs based on house construction, cars, and hollow blocks, the approach to the design changed to a more geometric, abstract, and colour based perspective. This allowed for more cohesive branding and bright but sophisticated colour combinations matching the Philippine way of life. The letterhead was kept simple and can be used for correspondence, contracts, and invoices.

RJZ - letterhead base logo and address layout

RJZ - letterhead, business cards for construction, Pantone®, CYMK, RGB, and Hex colour swatch.

RJZ - letterhead, business cards for hollow block, Pantone®, CYMK, RGB, and Hex colour swatch.

Business cards have a full edge to edge print on both sides. They are bright, colourful and with a gentle play on the abstraction of RJZ. The address on each business card is aligned with a negative geometric shape.

RJZ - composite of all three business cards for construction, hollow block, and car rental, front and reverse.


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