Earth-Space Commodities Advisors LLC

This was a spec project to design a logo and associated materials for a new company in the United States.  The brief was to come up with a design that was unique and did not contain the usual swoops and associated space junk such as satellites or stars but conveyed the image of a solid and sustainable company involved in progressing space-related industries.

Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic hit the world, and this project in as much as the company did not go ahead with its plans to seek funding, and the design was shelved until a later date.  To date, the company has not gone ahead with its development plans and I have now archived the project but added to portfolio as another example of the thought and effort that goes into a total branding exercise.

Letterhead and Business Card

Please note that information such as personal names, addresses, and telephone numbers, are fictional in the context of this portfolio.


Stationary and online package

Further branding application and logo variants


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